CO2 Control 

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    The iGS-061 is CO² controller with display and day/night detection easy to install and set up. Known for its reliability and easy setup options. The iGS-061 comes with a high temperature shut-off to protect your plants from overheating: C02 enrichment is stopped when the temperature set point is reached. It provides useful operating information by...
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    The iGS-100 is an easy to use CO2 enrichment or CO2 ventilation controller with day/night detection. The auxiliary output can shut-off or turn on another device (such as fan) while CO2 process is going on. The iGS- 100 is a smart device that analyzes your equipment performance and allows you to optimize your configuration to ensure higher growth rates.
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    Sophisticated controller for experienced growers, the iGS-220 can increase yields and quality of harvest and energy savings. No more need to coordinate many controllers together, the iGS-220 prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence, avoiding contradictory actions. Smart self-adjustment of operation differential keep conditions closest to set...
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    The iGS-221 integrated controller is the simplest and most complete solution for integrated climate management and CO2 enrichment or venting. Simultaneously controls the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration. Intelligently manages simultaneously 6 actions: CO2 enrichment, venting, humidifying, dehumidifying, heating and cooling.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items